We’ve all been there. Those moments when cravings take over you and you just can’t get it out of your mind. Cravings trick you into thinking you’re extremely hungry in the most unexpected moments. They come when you’re unprepared and won’t let you think about anything else.

What I do in those moments is ask myself: am I really hungry? Do I want something sweet or something salty? Should I eat out of hours? Usually, cravings don’t care about that, they want you to eat, and eat a lot.

Walking around and looking at shelves and stores it’s hard to choose. The options always come in colorful and attractive packages that make them look delicious. Cakes, candy, and chips call my name and I try to slide my way out of temptation.

I don’t want to repress every single craving I have, but when you look beyond the tags you see the ugly truth. Most of those snacks are filled with conservatives, artificial flavoring, and chemicals that make them tastier but less nutritious. A handful of 15 or 20 potato chips can contain up to 154 calories, and I’m not even counting the fat and high sodium levels, which can cause heart disease, obesity, gastritis, among other things. Same thing happens with candy, artificial sweeteners The same happens with candies, the artificial sweeteners that are in them not only cause cavities and obesity but also have effects such as anxiety, hyperactivity, and memory damage if consumed in the long term. Anyway, these goodies made to satisfy your cravings tend to end up making you more hungry

But there are alternatives.

I know myself, and I know that at some point of the day I’ll have a craving. The important thing is to be prepared with the correct snacks. They can be made at home with natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Another option is to get the right products on the market.

For example, I recently came across Natural Sins fruit and vegetable chips. When reading the packaging I was struck by the announcement: “only two ingredients”. And it is true. When I tried these rich mango, pineapple, coconut and beet chips my senses were flooded with the purest and most natural flavor of fruits and vegetables.

Having found a snack that contains the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients of nature gives me great relief. Vegetables like beets are able to improve your circulation and performance in exercise, as well as pineapple is an excellent digestive.

I am happy to know that I can enjoy my moments of weakness while I take care of my health.