We are sure that, come mid-morning or mid-afternoon, you want to eat some crispy snacks. There are always those cravings that you want to kill one bite at a time.

Why crispy? because eating is a multi-sensory experience: when you choose your favorite food, the body enjoys the combined experience of smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste… And  that crispy crunch can’t be resisted!

Natural Sins: the ultimate crispy snacks

In Natural Sins products you’ll find the best fruits and vegetables chips. We cut them into ultra thin slices, we add a touch of pure cane sugar and bake them at low heat.

The result is phenomenal: exceptional flavor and ultra-crispy texture! Now you can satisfy your cravings with a better option because Natural Sins snacks are free of food additives or added chemicals, such as Tartrazine and Yellow 5, that do a lot of damage to your body.

On top of that, you can find Natural Sins in 4 tropical flavors: pineapple, beet, mango and coconut. Each one brought to you from Costa Rica, the Pura Vida country.

With each bite of these crispy snacks you can taste a bit of this magic land full of flavors, beautiful landscapes and happy people. The natural taste and smell of the fruits and vegetables will be embedded in your senses.

Leave the hard work to us!

Forget about peeling a pineapple, opening a hard coconut, cooking a beetroot or chopping a slippery mango. Now you can enjoy the benefits of these fruits and vegetables (such as dietary fiber) without putting in the work, and without worrying about it spoiling in the fridge… The best part: you can eat them like chips!

The experience of eating one of our Natural Sins snacks is unique. Between your jaws you will feel the crunch of the chips breaking, while the natural flavor of the fruit or vegetable will explode in your mouth. And the best part: you can eat them whenever and wherever you want to!

Leave the hard work to us! Sit back and enjoy these tasty, thin, extremely delicious and crispy snacks. We find the fruit, chop it, bake it, and pack it for your convenience. Nothing simpler than carrying 28g of of flavor and crunch combined in a bag.

Go ahead and get one!