Worried that greasy bags of chips will sabotage your path to a clean happy life? Check out these ideas for crispy snacks that can work with a healthy lifestyle. To make sure you stay on the right track, grab a snack from our list, and get a delicious treat while you are on the go!

1. Dig into Natural Sins: Un potato-chip snacks

What if snacking is just a matter of opening a bag and enjoying a natural crispy chip? Straight from Costa Rica with love, we offer you 4 flavors to grab and go: crispy pineapple chips, crispy mango chips, crispy coconut chips and crispy beet chips. All four flavors are unique with the actual taste and smell of the fruits and vegetables!

You can always keep them around and dig in when your crunchy cravings hit! We call them “the un potato-chip” because Natural Sins are made with natural chips that come from non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Perfect for vegetarian, kosher or healthy lifestyles without sacrificing that crunch we love in a snack.

2. Apple almond butter wedges

When you’re really hungry, sometimes an apple won’t cut it. To satisfy your sudden cravings, add almond butter to your apple wedges. Almond butter will keep you satisfied longer, and it’s better for you than peanut butter because it actually has less saturated fats and sugar, as well as a good source of protein. Also, the soft creamy texture of the butter and the crispy apples will make a party in your mouth.

Just prep a food container with a tablespoon of almond butter and an apple cut in wedges. Afraid they’ll turn brown? Here’s a tip for keeping your apple wedges fresh using a rubber band.

If you’re following a paleo diet, or just a healthy lifestyle, this is the snack to go for.

3. Celery and cottage cheese

Do you feel like you’re not getting your 5 portions of vegetables a day? Pack some celery stems with you. Paired with delicious yet satisfying cottage cheese, this is one of those delicious crispy snacks that are also super healthy.  

Even if cheese is not really your thing, you can dip the celery into hummus, guacamole or yogurt… You name it! Just take a few bites of fresh crunchy celery while you get through your routine.

4. Popcorn: healthy crispy snacks

We love popcorn, so why only eat it at the movies? Popcorn is another easy to prepare snack you can have anytime, as long as you skip the melted butter. The good thing is that you can take it with you while enjoying nature on a hike or a trip to the beach.

If you feel creative, experiment with your favorite spices, herbs, coconut oil or make a trail mix adding nuts and dried fruit. Try these flavor combinations: cinnamon and agave syrup for a sweet treat, or olive oil, garlic, and rosemary… A classic! And how about hot sauce, cilantro, and lime when you’re feeling adventurous?

Just the crunch sensation of this snack will make you want more and keep you satisfied.

5. Roasted chickpeas

These babies need a little more prep time, but you can always make them ahead, store them and keep them at hand. We know it sounds a little odd, but these are actually a pleasant (and also addictive) surprise when you’re looking for crispy snacks.

All you have to do is drain a can of chickpeas, then roll them in a kitchen towel to make sure they’re nice and dry, sprinkle with your favorite blend of herbs and spices, place in the oven over a baking sheet and bake them for 20 to 30 minutes. Shake the tray a couple of times during the baking process to make sure they crunch up evenly. Temperature? 400° F.  

Voilà! You have more healthy crunchy snacks to keep in your bag.

Whether you like to prepare your crispy snacks at home or if you’d rather have them ready for you to enjoy, don’t deny yourself a natural alternative! As we say, living a Pura Vida life is the best way to take a pleasure in every day.